Why Berets?

The beauty of the beret is that it’s heavy enough to keep your head warm in winter but lightweight enough to bring with you into spring. Headwear is a big news – anyone who wears beret projects confidence and style. Berets have a long history found in the military costume and it is a symbol of authority, power and discipline.

So it’s crazy, it all started recently when my mom was mailing me gifts during the pandemic because we couldn’t see each other.

So in one of the gifts, so added a few berets and I started wearing them out in public and started receiving many compliments from people, so I’m like OK! This works! So viola! Here we are!

I think that wearing beret compliments a woman’s beauty and makes them look unique. I can’t wait until we start doing the photoshoots of different models, all sizes, ethnicities, just to show you that any female or even male, can look good in a Tamz beret.

Keldamuzik aka Diva

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