Tamz - World's Flyest Beret

We are creating your head’s best friend. Handmade with love in San Francisco, CA

Hey there! I’m Keldamuzik, the Diva behind Tamz. Tamz started with a vision to combine all the things I love (music, fashion, sustainability and comfort) into one and make it something chic and wearable.

Being a hip-hop music artist, I’m inspired by feminism and activism. I feel the one thing that makes anyone stand out is the ultimate confidence.

Tamz is a revolutionary head wear brand that inspires you to be you! Because you are unique and irreplaceable. Our fabrics are ethically sourced and stitched with pure harmony.

My goal is to create lovely head wear for all the people out there flaunting hair, fighting Cancer, for all ethnicity, men and women and to make them feel powerful.

My vision is to grow Tamz into a lifestyle brand giving back to the community and supporting artisans and I hope we spread light, love and positivism while doing that.

With Love,


Who is Keldamuzik?

Kelda Williams, known professionally as Keldamuzik aka Diva, is an American music artist, actress, TV host, and producer. Born in Bay Area California, she is known for her hit singles “Queen for A Night” and “Thirsty” which are both on her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010). After honing her craft as a music artist, Kelda expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music such as pop and dance, to producing and hosting TV shows as well as producing films and pursuing an acting career; She then started running her own entertainment company. Check her out on keldamuzik.com