Powerhouse Performer to Fashion Icon with Tamz: Keldamuzik

Powerhouse Performer
Everyone knows Keldamuzik: the amazing singer, actress, and TV host! But lately, she’s become a major fashion icon too, thanks to her awesome beret company, Tamz Berets.

Powerhouse Performer, Tamz

More Than a Hat: Tamz Berets aren’t just cute headwear; they’re all about showing off your style and feeling good about yourself, no matter who you are. Keldamuzik wanted to bring back berets in a way that everyone could wear, with cool colors and classic styles.

The Tamz Family: Keldamuzik built a giant online fan club through Tamz. People share pics of themselves rocking their Tamz berets on social media, and it’s like a big, happy family! This group of fans helps spread the word about Tamz and makes it even more popular.

Music or Fashion? Both! Tamz are so successful, they’ve become a big part of Keldamuzik’s career. She loves music still, but fashion is a huge focus now.  She even appears in Tamz ads and works with other fashion stars! This makes her a total “entertainer/fashionista.”

More Than Just a Hat: Tamz show that Keldamuzik is a creative businesswoman who cares about everyone. Her story inspires others to chase their dreams and be successful artists in their own way.

Keldamuzik and Tamz are just getting started! The brand keeps growing, and Keldamuzik is a major fashion force. What began as a cool idea is now a big deal in fashion, and Keldamuzik’s name is linked to style, confidence, and a giant group of fans.

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