Kill it like a Boss Diva

The Strong Black Woman has been standing tall for many decades. She’s unbreakable, resilient, almost superhuman. I always dreamt of becoming a powerful exponent of social issues.

Being an independent woman means you speak your mind – You call people out when they start misbehaving or disrespecting you. It also gives you motivation of supporting other women and not viewing them as your competition.

It is perfectly okay to not care what anyone else has to say about you, because you are proud of yourself for chasing after your wildest dreams. It is also important to be comfortable within the walls of your skin.

As an independent young black woman I’ve learned a lot over the years. Especially after I turned 18. I’ve learned that you have to make your own money don’t depend on anyone else and create opportunities for yourself and learn how to accomplish goals.

It’s crazy because all my life my mom has always been preaching the “hoe” route and that’s not me.

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Now when I say this I am referring to women that sleep with men for money gifts and all that. That’s never been my mindset at all. I don’t blame any women who think that way because we all are trying to get that bag but some of us aren’t like that.

I’d rather be independent on my own and knowing what my checks look like! and signing checks to pay others.

My mom would always tell me to wear certain clothing to reveal body parts and to always look sexy which again I don’t blame any female if that’s the way they want to go but the problem was my mom never understood that.

To me it was like dealing with an older sister who is trying to be a bad influence on you, knowing that I have a brain and smarts and that I’m very creative that’s all she ever cared about is me getting with an athlete and living off of his wealth.

Look at the end of the day as females we are all going to do whatever it takes to feed our babies and to pay the rent but there’s other options out there besides depending on a man with money to take care of you.

The last thing I want Is to have to ask my husband for an allowance weekly. To me unless I am disabled or whatever I just couldn’t do that.

I remember growing up and watching Oprah, Tyra Banks, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, MC light and many other powerful black women that always held down their own without having to depend on a man.

I like that and I think we need more of that to show women that it’s OK to be independent and successful on your own without the help of your boyfriend or husband. Ladies be strong independent Divas and show the world who you are inside out!

Although we still have a long way to go, women have more control today than ever before over their careers, bodies, finances, and lifestyles.

A strong woman knows what she wants in life so doesn’t depend on anyone else for what she wants. She stands out because she doesn’t need validation from anyone. Her self-confidence, drive, and ambition come from within, and she’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.

These women are called Boss Diva!

Keldamuzik aka DIVA

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